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Welcome to the Lodge at Palisades Creek, Winner of the Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing                                            Lodge of the Year Award for 2014
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2015 is going to be epic!  Reserve your spot now.  Our water storage assures a great year of fishing!  With our bizarre winter weather we have already started fishing.  It’s great call NOW!!

Why fish through the Lodge at Palisades Creek?

It's really pretty simple.  After 25 years of outfitting we have assembled the best team in the industry.  Our guide’s, chef's, server's, housekeepers, ground’s crew and administrative staff are all dedicated professional team members who genuinely care about your experience.  Add to that, an amazing 22 acre property, beautiful cabins, excellent food and the charm and relaxation of east Idaho, the Caribou and Palisades mountains and the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River.  Just read one of the hundreds of excellent 5 star reviews given by previous guests by following this link to our unique Orvis page , Here.

2 for 1 special on lodging rates from May 1st to June 21st. This is the best kept secret in the industry.  Tell your friends, then call Rayna in our reservation department.  Great food, fishing and lodging at an unbelievable discount.

The Lodge can accomodate up to 24 people.  We have ten guest cabins.  Most are set with either 2 twin beds or 1 king bed.  All have private bathrooms and are nicely appointed.  We have daily housekeeping. One of the 10 guest cabins is a 2 bed, 3 bath aframe house with a deck that sits over the river, amazing!!

We open May 1st for lodging, sooner if you are interested in large trophy rainbow trout.  Just give us a call.  Spring run off starts around Memorial Day but the weeks before offer low clear water and we target the invasive rainbow trout and cutbows.  It's nymph fishing and hold on tight because they are hungry and angry.

Our dry fly season starts around the last week in June.  This is when we see the salmon fly hatch begin and the fish really start to look up.

WE WON!!!!!!!

We are proud to announce we have recieved the coveted Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year Award for 2014.  This is a prestigious recognition from our guests and our brand that proves we might be doing things right.  We still have limited space through the summer and availability in September and October.  Fishing WILL BE EPIC this year on the South Fork of the Snake.  Call Rayna in the office today to get in on this incredible year.  1-866-393-1613

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The Lodge at Palisades Creek is a proud sponsor of On River Time – helping victims of child abuse cope through Fly Fishing.


March 18, 2012

A fish count on the South Fork of the Snake River last fall showed more than 5,177 fish per mile, the second-highest number recorded since the mid-1980s.

An increase in brown trout helped boost the overall numbers.

Figures are closely watched by biologists trying to maintain a viable Yellowstone cutthroat trout population in one of the nation’s blue-ribbon fisheries.

In 1986, biologists counted a record 5,692 fish per mile in the South Fork, a stretch of the Snake in Idaho.

“Our estimates are pointing to good fishing to be had this year,” said Brett High, regional fisheries biologist for Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Biologists have worked aggressively to attack the river’s exotic rainbow trout population, which breeds and competes with cutthroats.

Rainbow trout have increased from roughly 100 per mile in 1989 to 2,270 per mile in 2009, according to a 2011 report. Cutthroat trout peaked at 4,659 per mile in 1986 but fell to 771 per mile in 2004.

Since then, cutthroat have recovered and the rainbow trout growth rate has been slowed, High said. (See graph.)

“We recognize that there’s challenges that cutthroat trout continue to face in the South Fork,” High said.

On the upper Snake River in Jackson Hole, anglers occasionally see non-native trout — but they are rare. Fish counts are focused on cutthroat.

In the fall, biologists sampled a 5.5-mile section of the river between Moose and Wilson. They estimated 758 cutthroat per mile, up from 654 in 2008.

To keep rainbow trout in check on the South Fork, Idaho Game and Fish employs a three-pronged approach.

They use fish weirs to trap trout swimming into spawning streams and only let cutthroat reach spawning waters. Biologists ask Bureau of Reclamation officials to time releases from Palisades Dam to benefit spawning cutthroat, and they’ve encouraged anglers to kill and keep rainbow and hybridized cuttbows.

Rainbow trout are not native to the South Fork.

Each year, department workers catch several hundred rainbows and hybrids and insert tags in their heads. Anglers who return heads containing the tags can garner rewards ranging from $50 to $1,000.

Idaho officials are trying to protect cutthroat because they are an ecologically important native species and citizens value having the fish in the river, High said. Cutthroat are known for rising to dry flies.

Plus, states want to keep cutthroat, which were once prevalent throughout the West but now inhabit less than 15 percent of their former habitats, from coming under federal protection.

The fight against the rainbows is key to protecting cutthroats.

“The single-greatest factor in the decline of the cutthroat has been the introduction (both official and illegal) of non-native species such as the rainbow, brown, brook and lake trout,” A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service paper on cutthroats states. “These exotic trout compete with cutthroats for food and habitat, and in the case of the rainbow trout, cross-breed with them to create genetically impure, but fertile hybrids.”

If the federal government were to step in to protect cutthroat in Idaho and Wyoming, management could be taken away  from the states, High said. The move could affect irrigators, anglers and outfitters.

In the fall, biologists counted South Fork fish by running electric current through the roughly two miles of river downstream from the Conant boat ramp in Swan Valley, Idaho.

The increasing fish counts can be ascribed to good water years as well as Idaho’s fish management practices, High said. Last year’s high water kept some anglers off the water and made fishing difficult when flows finally subsided.

On July 4, 2011, the river was flowing at more than 40,000 cubic feet per second, more than double the day’s average of 18,000 cubic feet per second, according to a BuRec website. In high water, fish move out of their normal holding areas, and murky water pouring out of tributaries makes angling difficult, High said.

“The fish definitely weren’t washed downstream,” High said.

During the fall fish count, the longest fish measured came in at 21 inches, High said. That doesn’t mean there aren’t bigger fish in the river.

Electrofishing affects only the top six to eight feet and not deep holes. Biologists, like many anglers, didn’t get to measure any of South Fork’s legendary trout.

“We don’t typically see them,” High said.

Taken from Jackson Hole News and Guide, author, Thomas Dewell.


January 12, 2012

We at the Lodge at Palisades Creek know exactly how you feel!First and foremost, we are fisherman at heart and relish the need to be perfectly equipped for your next season o the South Fork which proves to be one of the finest in recent memory. Face it, every one of us has a void in our fishing arsenol desperately itching to be filled. By the way, I need a new pair of waders. But I digress. The Lodge now offers two exciting options for one-click shopping for the finest fishing and sporting gear known to mankind. The First is the "Orvis Store", the Lodge's endorsed Orvis outfitter. Everything Orvis can be accessed through our website at streamline precision on our updated homepage.  The second is a wildly popular new gear supplier named Pro Guide Direct. This Lodge-affiliated gear junkie site offers gear outfitting tailor-made for your precious quarry whether it be trout or tarpon. Rods, reels, clothing, equipment, leaders and tippets can be gathered seperately or as a guide-recommended bundle at a click of a mouse. Visit Pro Guide Direct and support the Lodge at Palisades Creek at  Again, we at the Lodge at Palisades Creek want to see you perfectly geared for your 2012 visit. The trout may not be as excited!  Stay Tuned.


December 6, 2011

Wintertime in the Tetons. Typically most of even the ardent anglers clean and store their fishing gear with only fond memories of next season. We at the Lodge at Palisades Creek see things a little differently! Wintertime is South Fork time and with the season open yearound this year, resident browns, rainbows and cutts are only a few casts away. Nymphing is the norm and don't leave home without egg patterns, stoneflies and midges. Deep, slower runs have taken over as prime real estate and eager fish are opportunistically awaiting their next meal. The Lodge realizes this mid-season urge to flyfish and welcome reservations for wade fishing trips on this pristine river which fishes unrivaled even in the winter. One call to the Lodge or click on our site can schedule your winter wade trip at deeply discounted prices. We also know that fishing on the South Fork in the winter is weather dependant and reservation refunds are happily given.  If you have not yet experienced winter flyfishing on the South Fork, add a day to your ski trip! You will not be dissapointed!! Stay Tuned

South Fork Rainbows: Awesome quarry, still nuisance for Fish and Game

May 11, 2011

Did you get your share of Rainbow Trout last season on the South Fork?  Speaking for guides and anglers alike at The Lodge at Palisades Creek, I can say emphatically, YES!  But to Fish and Game, it is a different story. Together with Trout Unlimited, Friends of the Teton River and various other organizations, they again are trying to encourage harvesting of these "invasive" trout and have compiled a report on Rainbow populations as they continue to monitor their encroachment on native Cutthroat populations on the South Fork.  Their findings were very positive. At Conant access, statistics show that Rainbow trout per mile declined for the first year to 1,893 per mile while Cutthroat were 1,953 per mile, inversely mirroring 2010.  It is working, however Fish and Game still is trying to stem the tide of the rainbow trout. Wiers are currently in place at critical cutthroat spawning creeks such as Palisades Creek and Pine Creek in order to snatch them from the ecosystem on the South Fork.  Additonally, the Angler Incentive Program is, again, in full swing.  575 Rainbows were caught, tagged and released back into the South Fork for anglers to catch AND KILL, with 5 fish worth $1,000 dollars each for the successful angler;; 50 fish worth $500; 100 fish worth $250 and the remainder of the fish trapped and tagged worth between $50-100 each.  There will be no shortage of these leaping bulldogs on the South Fork this season, but progress is being made to curtail their impact on the native Cutthroat trout.  Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

Chris Heib
Pro Guide Direct
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