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The Lodge at Palisades Creek is a full service destination fly fishing lodge. If you are inclined, you could arrive with the shirt on your back and have the fishing trip of a lifetime. If you are particular about your equipment or would like to bring your own fishing gear, we recommend an 8 1/2 or 9 foot rod with a 5 or 6 weight floating weight forward line. This will handle both dry flies and streamers. A sinking line is not necessary, although there are some die hard under water guys that fish a sink tip. We have the finest Orvis rods, waders, and accessories here at the Lodge available for purchase. Our guides will provide you with flies that are fresh and ready for a perfect drag free drift. You may rent any gear you may need.

During much of our summer season the weather is spectacular. However, if you plan on wading during spring or fall we recommend fishing in chest waders so you have the option to hop out of the boat for wading. During the spring, fall, and winter months a nice pair of capilene or wool under garment helps wick moisture from your skin and insulate from the cold water. Often during the summer months, when the temperatures are warm, light pants or shorts and sandals are fine if you don’t mind being wet.

The summer sun can be intense on the water and requires that you have a hat, polarized sunglasses, insect repellent, and waterproof sunscreen. We rarely wear waders from July to September. Shorts and shoes that can get wet are best to fish in during summer months. There is an old saying in Idaho, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait a minute.” The occasional rain, wind, or even clouds will have you reaching back to your guide for a sweater, rain jacket, or warm vest. If you enjoy a cigar after your day on the water, we have a full selection at the Lodge.

At the shop, your guide will discuss the fishing options available to you and review your equipment you may have brought with you. The guide will also provide you with flies. If you are bringing your own rod, reel, and equipment your guide will assist you in selecting items such as tapered leaders, tippet, and fly floatant necessary to help make your trip a success.

The Lodge at Palisades Creek is a permittee of Caribou-Targhee National Forest
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