Fishing report from weekend April 17-19th, 2009

OK, i’ll make it short and sweet.  Been out the last five days in a row.  Floating below the dam.  Doing laps in the fast current then motoring back up to the cable that draws the line for boats attempting to get as close to the flood gates as possible.  It has been very productive!!!!  Every species has been caught except the lake trout that live through the flood gate journey, we call these fish “Mackinaw”.   None yet.  I have attached a photo of a nice hybrid, Jenn kept.  And  a rainbow Jenn caught.  The hybrid was the biggest of the day, Jenn wanted me to post that really bad!!  The water has been consistent in flow for three days now, 14,700 cfs.  It is a vas deferens chilling 38 degrees.  Jenn and I floated yesterday and caught 6 trout and  8 whitefish.  The Mysis shrimp is the current ticket.  We then floated down to the Spring Creek Bridge, in two hours!  Quick float we both got a little chillyand had the dogs.  Jenn brought Tiny, he is a 150 pound husky mix of some sort.  I think he was mixed with a small horse.  Saw  Brad and Rich on the river throwing streamers then later, nymphing.  Report was slow from them.  Saw a total of five other boats, no bent rods.  The water is ice cold and crystal clear, the sky too was clear, not a great recipe for streamers and aggresive feeding.  I think you need to feed these guys right now, put it right in front of them!  Brad, Rich had a fish on almost constantly below the dam.  Also attaching photo of my new 16 foot low profile clackacraft. I like it a lot, so will you fishing from it this summer!!!!!

No one home, but the grounds crew is working!!
No one home, but the grounds crew is working!!

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