Trip Preparation


The Lodge at Palisades Creek is a full service destination fly fishing lodge. If you are inclined, you could arrive with the shirt on your back and have the fishing trip of a lifetime.However, we encourage guests to bring some simple items which will make your trip even more successful.

The Lodge encourages you to have the following when visiting and fishing from spring well into the fall seasons:

  • Warm under layers are key
  • An outer waterproof shell for the possible precipitation regardless of season.  Weather is predictably unpredictable in any month.  A bright August morning could see hail by afternoon!
  • Sunglasses are a staple. Polarized lenses are the norm but if you do not have them regular sunglasses are critical for eye protection
  • Springtime brings with it some allergy problems for many guests.  We encourage you to, if you usually carry one, bring your Epi pens.  If you suffer form certain allergies, your favorite allergy medication is recommended.
  • Guides’ choice of rods range from Five to Six weight with reels in a medium size with according lines. Some anglers bring the “quiver” including streamer strength rods and sinking lines.  Conversely, if you have no gear, don’t fret. We are accustomed to providing rods, reels and lines.
  • Although crusty guides may be not apply, bringing your favorite sunscreen and bug spray can make the day.  The Flyshop sells these items also.

At the shop, your guide will discuss the fishing options available to you and review your equipment you may have brought with you. The guide will also provide you with flies. If you are bringing your own rod, reel, and equipment your guide will appropriately select items such as tapered leaders, tippet, and fly floatant necessary to help make your trip a success.

Come as you are or bring your favorite gear and a memorable fishing trip awaits you.

The Lodge at Palisades Creek is a permittee of Caribou-Targhee National Forest
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