Snow Pack data for January 14th, 2010

I have been watching the snowpack a fair amount lately, not so much for fishing but because of an upcoming ski trip.  We are quite a bit below average and way below where we were this time last year.  Here’s the chart from the National Resources Conservation Service…63% not so great so far, but there is a lot of winter ahead of us, and still a lot of water in the reservoir as well.  Here is the link to the snow pack data if you want to continue to follow our progress.


                Basin wide percent of average     63%

4 comments on “Snow Pack data for January 14th, 2010

  • legend

    63% sounds pretty good. Below 40% in Portnuef range. Could be amaizing early fishing this year. Winter river flows are double that of last year. Great for the bugs and the fish. Low snow pack. Great for spring fishing. Yippeeee! Not much skiing however, can make a guy grumpy. Lots of tying. Any body else? Hows the kids boys?

    • Jigidy


      I talked to Justin, he was out last week and caught some fish on midges on the surface. I am already looking forward to summer, but winter has been good so far skiing up here got a late start but has been good lately.

      See you soon,

  • legend

    how do ya post a blog on this stupid thing? Winter just got here. Time to rip it up. Lar

    • tlapc


      If you want to post something go to

      The Log In is tlapc Password is

      Blog away buddy.



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