Spring Fishing on the South Fork!!

Well cabin fever has finally got the best of me and I decided to give the upper river a try. The boat ramps at the Dam and Huskies are plowed as well as the ramp at Conant, so you are able to put the boat in the water. The morning was all about streamers, with a few good size fish, but the real fun was had in the afternoon throwing size 20 midges to eager Cutthroats. There is nothing quite like the first dry fly action of the year. Early spring fishing can be cold, but the rewards can be worth the effort. The animals are active and the fishing is only going to get better. I look forward to the summer ahead!!

David Page

7 comments on “Spring Fishing on the South Fork!!

  • tlapc

    Thanks for the post Dave! I guess I better dig through my midge patterns before I head out.

    Chris “jigidy”

  • George Cox

    David / Chris:
    I’m coming up to Swan Valley end of month, after reading your blog, looks like there may be some good fishing. Is Julie’s Shuttle working? Can you get out at the bridge? What Streamers you use? Thanks for the report.


    • tlapc


      The Bridge aka Spring Creek still has too much snow, but you can take out at Conant. I’ll post a full report about the fishing today soon. I think Julie is running shuttles. We threw a variety of streamers but did best on an olive sparkle bugger with lead eyes.


  • Pc

    What’s a midge …

  • Pc

    Nice work Jigidy — I’ll be checking in DAILY for da reports —



  • keeiii

    jigidy does not not how to fish wit streamers or spell threw haha

    peace jig

  • legend

    how are those diaper changes treatin ya CJ and PK. C-Ya on the 19th. good call on the blog. kinda hard ta find though. fish til ya puke! lar


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