Stable flows + Great Hatches = Great fishing

The flow out of Palisades Dam has stabilized at 12,695 cfs.  This is a perfect flow, the water is cold and clear and we are getting good hatches of Pale Morning Dun’s, Caddis, and Golden Stones.  The river has been fishing very consistently on each section, fishing Golden Stone patterns tight to the banks, occasionally with a bead head dropper seems to be the best way to find the big fish.  The PMD’s start hatching around 1:00 and that means it’s time to find a riffle.  The fish have been more picky this year on the PMD’s and most of the guides have had the best success fishing emergers.

Fishing should remain very good this summer with all our cold water this year….looking forward to more Golden Stones and Hoppers in a few weeks.

Hope to see you soon!

Chris ‘jigidy’ Jensen

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  • vance plumb

    I’m dying to go fishing and have rescheduled my trip to Idaho for September. I think John and I are on your schedule for a few days. In the meantime, feed us some info on the current fishing and what we missed last week.


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