Tackling tarpon in the Florida Keys

I had to just quick post this photograph of a species I have longed to share the lens with.  I caught this 50 pound tarpon with Brett Novik of ofishaly hooked charters on Summerland key, in the lower keys of Florida.  This is still fresh in my mind as I caught it on April 29, 2010, just a few days ago.  If your interested and are a bit of a voyeur, try this sport some time.  It is harder than it looks and requires some patience and luck.  But to see the fish swimming, then place the fly where it has to be, then attracting a fish away from the herd until he just can not resist the small green fly.  And to see the massive inhale of water in an attempt to suck in the fly,… all with in a few feet of the boat.  It is an experience of a lifetime.  I have also posted a great picture of Sue Talbot, Brett’s fiance, standing on her poling platform at sunrise in the Marquesas.  You guys rock!

2 comments on “Tackling tarpon in the Florida Keys

  • Chris Jensen

    Nice Tarpon! What a great species. Really trying to feel happy for you and not jealous.

  • James Allen

    Funny, i live in south florida and fish the keys almost every weekend for tarpon and bones. The funny part is i will be leaving the great keys fishing to come to the lodge to fish for your “BIG” fish over the 4th july weekend. Hope to trade stories about fishing the keys with you.

    Jim Allen


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